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Our Story

"Dad, we're in the zip code of nowhere"

That was me, Luke Ehman, at 8 years old travelling alongside my father while stopped on the Dog Creek Road across from the Gang Ranch. The ‘zip code’ of nowhere was right; the road was desolate and had a gravel laneway that connected an old decrepit suspension bridge to one of the largest ranches in North America. A settlement that employed both Cowboys and Indians, the Gang Ranch stretched over a million acres. Of course, my dad - being the adventurer that he was - suggested we cross the rickedy bridge and see if anyone was home...


    1 2 t h  |   A r b u t u s   is in memory of James, my father, his passion for unknown territories, thrill-seeking adventure and unpacking history is what inspired me in creating a publication that showcases the tremendous beauty and uniqueness that surrounds British Columbia. From the plains of the Okanagan desert to the cliffs and shorelines of the Gulf Islands - we hope to instill a similar feeling and appreciation for this beautiful province, just as he did for me.


Luke Ehman

Founder, Creative Director

1 2 t h  |  A r b u t u s